What Do You Need To Know When Diagnosed With Diabetes?

Being diagnosed with diabetes is often an initial shock. Lots of questions race through your mind. What do you need to know after you have been diagnosed with diabetes?

First, you needed to understand what diabetes actually is and how it can affect you. Despite the fact it has been around for a long time, many people aren’t always aware of what diabetes is and of its many possible complications. Self-education is a key component of your treatment.

It’s vital not to ask too many questions at once because it’s easy to become overwhelmed with information. It’s also important to know the best way you can absorb information. Some people like to read.  Others prefer to have it explained or to watch a DVD. You learn and remember better if knowledge is offered to you in your preferred format.

The most important actions to make are those that will directly control blood sugar and manage health. Speak to your doctor and/or endocrinologist and other specialists about the most important aspects of your health and what you should focus on.

Generally the key maintenance factors to be concerned about are eating habits, your exercise regime and your medications. You can also get help from a dietitian

Your endocrinologist and diabetes educator can teach you how to use oral tablets and insulin. They’ll also advise you how to test sugar levels and what steps to take if readings aren’t in a sensible range. It’s common to feel frustrated at having to do all these things but it’s better than living with the complications of diabetes.

You need to trust the medical specialists who are helping you. If you’re not confident talking to them, find someone else. Not all doctors have the same bedside manner and it can be disconcerting when you’re dealing with an incurable disease.

Many people have weight loss problems to address because obesity is a factor that can cause diabetes as well as numerous other medical issues.

You should always have an emergency plan in place in case you experience a sudden hypo. Carry fast-acting carbs, sachets of real sugar and some jelly beans. Wear emergency medical id in the form of a necklace or watch so that information can be obtained quickly if needed. That information could just save your life one day.

You need to know lots of things after being diagnosed with diabetes. It’s important to remember you’re a human being first and a diabetic second and only through the implementation of a smart maintenance plan will this be possible.

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