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There are millions of websites on the world wide web right around the world and the number is constantly growing. Whenever a new website is created there are many factors that are taken into consideration. These include: colours, navigation, content, information on products and services, SEO, links, ads, rankings, etc. The list goes on and on.

However, the one thing that seems to constantly be overlooked is the actual written content of the site. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are a major part of any website and if these are not accurate, then people will go elsewhere because it creates a negative opinion for visitors to the site and brings down the professionalism of the site and what is being offered.

I recently started proofreading the content for a particular site and after only going through 3 pages, I had already found 34 errors. This really is inexcusable nowadays. A lot of these errors would be picked up with simple spell check. But a lot more simply have to be fixed by a concentrated effort to double and triple check all the material. I have been involved with a few websites over the years and I would feel extremely embarrassed if someone was to point out a spelling mistake on my site. Everyone should feel the same way and prioritise the quality of the website content as highly as any other factor.

So I would strongly recommend to everybody that you should increase the priority of analysing the content of your website for accuracy in spelling, grammar and punctuation. If you don’t feel comfortable in doing it yourself, then find someone who has the capability to do it all for you so that your site maintains the high professional standard which you are striving to reach.

Because of all the competition on the internet, you want to ensure that your site has the best possible chance of success and so this is definitely an important thing to review. I do offer my services for website content proofreading, among other things, because I strongly believe that if you have a skill, then why not share it. I also

offer an obligation free appraisal. I urge you all to think about what I have said and how it may relate to you!

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