Pricing of Articles and other Content

I feel that I need to post this because of the number of emails I receive asking about my prices. I haven’t been listing prices because they can vary depending on what work is needed. However, the emails just keep on coming so I will address this issue and perhaps help people understand what I offer; a professional service, not a chop shop.

If you want to pay $5 or $10 for a 1000 word article, don’t waste your time or mine. You may get somebody happy with that money but you will have to possibly rewrite it, as well as check for mistakes. It certainly won’t be me doing the work!

If you are prepared to pay good money for good quality work, then it’s time we discussed your needs. I’m not a writer that produces poor quality material and, therefore, I’m not prepared to charge low rates.

Written material forms the backbone of all websites so if you don’t have good quality material, it will cost you money. I have seen sites with a LOT of errors and they don’t seem to care. I know because I contact them with a few suggestions of things to fix.

I also get asked to proofread material that clients have paid other people to write because it’s full of mistakes. With me you get work that is 100% free of grammar, spelling, punctuation and all other errors. Why pay twice?

Remember, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys! I am NOT a monkey.

So, please email me if you have questions or wish to place an order.


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