Get More Time to Achieve Your Goals (Part One)

Everybody gets the same 24 hours each day! No more, no less! However, most people outsource a lot of tasks because it’s impractical, and impossible, to do everything yourself. Think about the number of interactions you have with other people during the course of a day, a week or even a month. This doesn’t count work colleagues, or members of your family and friends.

Consider professionals you deal with in an average month. This list may include: doctors and specialists; teachers in schools, colleges or universities; mechanics, gym instructors and personal trainers; accountants; lawyers; drivers (including truck drivers, couriers, taxi and Uber drivers), and many others.

Now think about goods and services providers. You probably buy coffee and lunch from a local café (unless you work from home). You buy clothes, shoes, appliances and other essentials from retailers. You may have a few drinks at a local bar after work. You buy a car from a dealer or through a private sale.

People in this broad category don’t necessarily have a piece of paper stating their qualifications but they still satisfy many needs. Without access to such services, life would be a lot more challenging and would take up more of your valuable time.

I haven’t yet mentioned another broad category of people but you’ll definitely gain more time in your day if you use these services. I call this category “Professional Wordsmiths,” and it encompasses numerous skilled people including: writers, copywriters, ghostwriters, authors, editors and proofreaders.

Wordsmiths can help you with material such as: website content, eBooks, tangible books, blog posts, articles, instruction manuals, resumes and cover letters, Emails and letters of all sorts, transcriptions, text books, speeches, translations, and much more.

You might be an author and, before publication, you must ensure there are no mistakes. An editor/proofreader will find and correct all errors you miss before you publish it, thereby polishing your book and you’ll have extra time to do other things. Professional Wordsmiths are experts in their field and generally can do your work in less time than it would take you.

Here’s an example: You have a website for your business and you manage to write a few posts now and then, BUT you’re far too busy with other work tasks as well as your family. So, you may choose to outsource this task and pay somebody to write daily relevant posts to keep your current and potential customers interested in what you’re doing, and may increase your sales as a result.

So, you pay the writer and, in return, you gain extra time to focus on more important tasks. If you gain an extra two hours per day, you suddenly have 14 hours to split between work and family EVERY week. It’s well worth it if you get good results from your writer.

The bottom line is that you CAN maximise the amount of time you have by outsourcing certain tasks. This is the first part in a series of articles I’m writing to help people gain more time by understanding the wide range of services on offer by Professional Wordsmiths (such as myself).

If you have any questions or would like to discuss hiring me to save you time, send me a message here.

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