Diversity is a Good Thing

Everyone has more than one skill. Regardless of how you view yourself, there are always things you’re good at and, in fact, you’re probably capable of teaching other people some of those same skills, if they’re interested.  Do you ever think to yourself…how can I make some extra money? Well, if you can teach others a skill, find people willing to learn and willing to pay you and you’re all set.

I knew this myself but it was only today that a friend reminded me that we all know more than we think we do. Imagine if we all had the same skills. The world simply wouldn’t run properly. Everyone is good at some things and not as good at other things. That’s why we combine forces to become stronger.

So the next time you think that you need more money to pay those nagging bills, think about how you can use this advice yourself…maybe it will just be the solution to your long-term future.

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