Did The Earth Move For You Too?

For most of the last 20 months, the main topic of conversation has been the global pandemic. It’s only natural for that to be the case. However, in Australia, that topic changed on September 22nd at approximately 9am. We were hit by an earthquake that measured 5.8 on the Richter scale, and it was the biggest one to happen in Victoria in the state’s recorded history.

It was so strong that it was also felt in parts of NSW, South Australia and Tasmania. There were numerous after shocks but, thankfully, none reached that level of intensity. The initial quake barely lasted a minute but its effects will be felt for days, weeks, months, or even permanently in a few cases.

This earthquake caused numerous problems. City offices, hospitals and high-rise apartments were evacuated as people fled in terror. A hamburger shop near the city crumbled but the person living in the apartment above it managed to climb out without getting hurt. The shop was shut due to the pandemic. If the lockdown hadn’t been in place, Customers and staff would certainly have sustained injuries.

There was some damage to brickwork as well as cracked pavements. 35000 homes lost power but it was quickly restored as emergency services swung into action.

You have to wonder what this planet of ours is doing. While the pandemic is extremely serious and people should be doing everything they can to be protected, there are other things happening that governments are ignoring because all their best efforts are focused on keeping people safe and alive.

Different countries have a variety of ways to tackle the pandemic problem, along with issues such as global warming, poverty, war and various other threats to their way of life.

I can’t speak for the way other countries deal with their issues but I can talk about Australia. It seems like politicians spend all their time arguing and backstabbing.

While that might have been “OK” in the past, since the pandemic, they should all become one government body. For example, here in Victoria, other politicians should be asking Daniel Andrews, our current Premier, what they can do to help him achieve the goals he has set out to get the state out of lockdown. Instead, they waste their time putting him down, blaming his decisions for the problems we face, appealing to the public to side with them, and so the list goes on.

I make no apology for my comments in this post thus far, as they’re simply my opinion and everybody is entitled to their opinion, regardless of what it is.

I will add that the troublemakers demonstrating in our city over the last few days are NOT entitled to their opinion when they disrupt our city streets, violate our Shrine of Remembrance, and force the police to turn out in riot gear to prevent further problems from erupting.

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