What’s YOUR Definition of Success?

How do YOU define success? It doesn’t have to be major success and only you can make the choices so what does success mean to you? There are more than a few answers and no answer is right or wrong because the answers are all subjective. You can give me as many answers as you feel are necessary as we all have a long time to live so there should be lots of answers.

I want to challenge EVERY SINGLE one of my readers to think about this question. What does success mean to YOU?

I then want you to be brave enough and share your answers with me. I would like to publish the answers here (without disclosing anybody’s names, of course) so that we can see if there is a pattern of any sort that appears.

I am going to be tied up with a huge proofreading job for the next couple of weeks so I give you all until Jun 20th to give me your honest answers. To further tempt you to reply, I will give 3 free ebooks on the subject of your choice (if possible) to each person who gives me their well thought out answers and allows me to share them anonymously on my site.

So the challenge is now yours to handle. Will you take the time and make an effort to do this or will you sit back and ignore a golden opportunity to contribute and learn something from this?

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