Coming Out of The Darkness

I wrote my previous post approximately 2 months ago. I covered numerous elements related to the COVID-19 coronavirus. It was a very stressful time for most people because it was affecting every country in the world but impacting some more than others. There were restrictions in: employment, schooling, travel, visiting family and friends, celebrations, dining out, keeping fit, being able to buy groceries, and so on.

Today the news is a little better in some aspects of life for many people and there are variations within each country:

 Employment. While many people still work from home, others have:

  •  Returned to their own job.
  • Taken on an amalgam of duties in their workplace.
  • Started work with new employers.
  • Started their own businesses and will continue with them.

 Studies. While many students continue to be home-schooled, millions have returned to different levels of education from primary right through to university and college.

Traveling and socialising. Some restrictions regarding visiting family and friends and enjoying celebrations, including some that were postponed, could now be enjoyed.

 Shopping. Lots of shops that were closed or had minimal hours have now been able to reopen, still following social distancing restrictions. People can now do their shopping (as long as rules are still followed). This also includes home deliveries of groceries for people who can’t handle going into supermarkets.

 Products are available. Stockpiling of products was taken to extremes by many people who bought enough goods to fill an underground bunker in case of disaster. Because of this, others missed out on essentials such as: milk, toilet paper and other basic supermarket goods. Today, the majority of supermarket items are back on the shelves, with no long queues to buy what was previously rationed out goods.

While this news sounds positive, it’s still critical that everyone follows the COVID-19 restrictions still in place and to use common sense. Check what restrictions still apply before going anywhere, regardless of whether it’s taking your dog for walks; shopping; visiting family and friends, etc.

If you’re allowed to visit family members and close friends, it doesn’t mean you should have big parties every night, talking loudly and cranking up the music. Nor does it mean that people should consume too much alcohol before getting behind the wheel to drive home.

To date, the world has faced numerous natural disasters. Global warming has been blamed for being the main cause of: bushfires, floods, droughts, earthquakes, avalanches, cyclones, hurricanes, tidal waves, tsunamis, and so on.

Now, in 2020, we have the COVID-19 coronavirus, the first pandemic to occur since 1918. Because there are only a small number of people who were even alive back then, nobody actually knows how to best treat this global problem because no plans were ever put in place.

FACT: Many believe this pandemic was just waiting to happen and it was a necessary wake-up call. They claim people have grown too complacent about their own health and the health of our planet. Human beings are responsible for most of the damage our planet has endured so far.

Our world will never return to what was classed as “normal,” prior to the pandemic.

All we can do is hope that once everything settles and restrictions are lifted, people will still practice good hygiene, treat others kindlier and offer support to others in need. Keep on saying “hello” to strangers and, if they don’t smile, give them one of yours.

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