Services in Detail

Services I offer:

If you’re sick of writers/editors performing poorly, failing to meet deadlines or simply taking your money and running, then sack them and pay me instead.

Delivery is ON TIME, EVERY TIME! You deserve nothing less!

Experience and expertise count!

I wear many hats: writer; ghostwriter; editor; proofreader; resume writer; and various others, according to customer needs.

I help people who don’t have the experience, skill and/or time to write, or edit/proofread material for themselves.

Here’s a list of the most popular services I provide (in no particular order):

Writing: Articles, website content, blog posts, resumes, reviews, eBooks, physical books, and anything else you need written. I’m very versatile and can write on most topics (but nothing too technical). I write for the average lay-person because that describes most of the general public.

Ghostwriting: I’m more than happy to work as a ghostwriter, which means once the work is paid for and completed, you can put your name on it, take the credit and either sell it or give it away.

eBooks and Physical books. Do you need an eBook to sell or give away to your customers? I can write on many different non-fiction topics, unless it needs to be highly technical. However, you would need to provide an outline, and whatever ideas you have, because the cost partly depends on how much information you provide.

Rewrites: Perhaps you have some articles you need rewritten so they pass Copyscape for plagiarism. Maybe you just want to give your current site content a fresher look. Whatever the case, I can help you.

Apart from being a skilled writer, I’m also a former marketing manager, recruiter, interviewer and trainer, and can help improve your odds of getting interviews. You only have 10 seconds to impress a recruiter or your resume gets deleted. I begin with a free assessment of your current resume, if you have one. Then, if needed, I’ll either improve it or create a new one to help you get more interviews and perhaps even secure the job you’re seeking. More info here.

Perhaps you need a product or service reviewed. Honest reviews can be provided that will help build your reputation.

Editing/Proofreading: I can proofread and edit eBooks, physical books, articles, blog posts, website content, reports, white papers, newsletters and any other written content you may have (unless it’s full of jargon and technical terminology). You can’t split these two tasks because, unless you have zero errors in your material (I have never seen this happen), mistakes need to be corrected. The only exception is if they’re deliberate. The work must be in English.

There’s a LOT more to editing and proofreading than you might think.

When I proofread/edit any material, I naturally check the basics which are:

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation.

However, I don’t stop there (unlike most other people). I also check:

Correct English. (Is it US, Canadian, UK or Australian English?)

Correct use of tenses. (Past, present or future).

Proper flow of your material so it reads well and makes sense.

Repetition. Is there a lot of repetition of names, places and words?

I check different types of formatting and correct errors.

I always check for plagiarism to avoid problems down the track.

It’s easy to accidentally copy somebody else’s material if you have to research your topic before you start to write.


Do you need a new website?

Maybe more content for an existing site but no time to write?

My webmaster and I team up to give you a fully functional website or update your existing site, making life easier for you and your business.

Since COVID has blasted onto the world stage and turned our lives upside down, social media and websites have become essential tools for business use. Online stores are created or expanded to increase sales. Big corporations and small businesses find the best ways to enable staff to work from home. They create new systems or use existing systems to allow staff to take calls from customers both new and existing, as well as following up on calls. Sales, customer service and admin tasks can be handled from home and, in many cases, they have increased productivity.

To support staff, especially those working from home, there’s a greater need for written material such as articles, blog posts, training manuals, online company reference material and newsletters, etc. Some can be online material but there will also be certain files that may need to be in paper-based formats.

There’s an increased need for social media sites such as: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. They help keep workers, friends and family in touch with each other. Because people spend so much more time at home now, due to COVID,  such sites, and many others like them, help prevent feelings of isolation, which can lead to depression and many other health issues.

I can help with written material for nearly every scenario.

Simply send me an email and let’s discuss the best way to move forward.


Need a resume?

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