English is a strange language with lots of peculiarities that can easily trick people who don’t have a strong grasp of the language. Here are examples that have been collected from different sites. They can help you whenever you need to write or speak, giving you more confidence.

Each day, the examples will change and you can ask for a complete list if you wish, as well as other things I have on offer, all aimed at helping you with the English language.

For the purpose of avoiding confusion, American English is used where appropriate.

On tender hooks vs On tenterhooks.

Cold slaw vs Coleslaw.

By in Large vs By and Large:

Boo to a ghost vs Boo to a goose.

One in the same vs One and the same.

A doggie-dog world vs A dog-eat-dog world.

Lip sing vs Lip sync.

Circus-sized vs Circumcised.

Heimlich remover vs Heimlich maneuver.

Right from the gecko vs Right from the get-go.

Got off scotch free vs Got off scot-free.

Foe par vs Faux pas.

Global warning vs Global warming.

Card shark vs Card sharp.

Butt naked vs Buck naked.

It’s a mute point vs It’s a moot point.

Pass mustard vs Pass muster.

A diamond dozen vs A dime a dozen.

Just deserves vs Just desserts.
Just deserts vs Just desserts.

Social leopard vs Social leper.

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