Do you have trouble with certain words and phrases when it comes to meanings and spelling them? One reason is because English is a difficult language to truly master.
Below you will see 20 prime examples that have been sourced from various online sites. They can help you, regardless of your level of English.

The contents of the list will be altered every day and you can request the complete copy, as well as other items that are available.

For the purpose of avoiding confusion, American English is used where appropriate.

Supposably vs Supposedly.

I’m giving you leadway vs I’m giving you leeway.

Pour over (water) vs Pore over (notes at school).

On accident vs By accident.

Sorta vs Sort of.

Lack toast and tolerant vs Lactose intolerant.

Curl up in the feeble position vs Curl up in the fetal position.

Beckon call vs Beck and call.

Aks vs Ask.

Expresso vs Espresso.

An escape goat vs A scapegoat.

Scotch free vs Scot free.

Tongue and cheek vs Tongue-in-cheek.

What’s you guyses’ opinion? vs What’s your opinion, guys?

I made a complete 360 degree change in my life vs

I made a complete 180 degree change in my life.

To be pacific vs To be specific.

Should of vs Should have.

Could of vs Could have.

Would of vs Would have.

Biting my time vs Biding my time.

Nerve-wrecking vs Nerve-wracking.

Physical year vs Fiscal year.

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