Do you face problems using the right words when you’re speaking or writing? If so, you’re not alone. English is an extremely complicated language and if it’s not your first language, that makes it even more difficult.
Here are 20 examples of words and phrases from different online sources that can help you in many ways.

This list will be altered each day to give you more to learn. You can also take advantage of other options available, all aimed at helping you improve your command of the English language.

For the purpose of avoiding confusion, American English is used where appropriate.

Oldtimer’s Disease vs Alzheimer’s Disease.

Curve your enthusiasm vs Curb your enthusiasm.

Extract revenge vs Exact revenge.

Circumvent the globe vs Circumnavigate the globe.

Self -depreciating vs self-deprecating.

As dust fell vs As dusk fell.

Hunger pains vs Hunger pangs.

Last stitch effort vs Last ditch effort.

Chester draws vs Chest of drawers.

Fall by the waste side vs Fall by the wayside.

Irregardless vs Regardless.

Free reign vs Free rein.

Towards / Anyways vs Toward / Anyway.

Make due vs Make do.

Suppository of information vs Repository of information.

Runner-ups vs Runners-up.

Toilet trees vs Toiletries.

Baited breath vs Bated breath.

Without further adieu vs Without further ado.

Step foot vs Set foot.

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