Here are some sample articles I have written that appear on other sites.

I was asked to write the first one as a guest post for that particular website. The rest appear on the ezinearticles site.

Tips On Finding Ghostwriting Jobs

A lot of people want to write books, articles posts and much more. However, they don’t have the time, the skill or both. Hence the reason for hiring ghostwriters.

Meditation Can Do Wonders For Your Life

Meditation can be a great way to help centre yourself and bring calm to your life. There are numerous ways in which to do this, depending on your preference.

Understanding the Complexities of Outsourcing Your Written Work

If you want to outsource your written work to somebody with experience, remember these key points. Writers have to consider topics, deadlines, the size of jobs, research and time when they offer you a quote.

How to Boost Your Self Esteem and Create Better Habits

The dictionary definition of self esteem is: a favorable opinion of ones self. The dictionary definition of self confidence is: confidence in ones own judgment, ability, power, sometimes to an excessive degree. Although the two are different, they are meant to work in tandem.

Proofreading Website Content

Have you checked your website content? Did you check spelling and grammar? Maybe you forgot and, like many others, let inaccuracies occur. Let me help!

The Importance of a Great Resume

Do you need a job? Maybe you want a better job? Then this will certainly benefit you in achieving your goal!

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