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Quote Info

I’m only interested in helping people who are serious about wanting success for their business. If you’re on a very low budget and it’s your only deciding factor when choosing a writer, I’m probably not the best fit for you. I’m always busy with regular clientele but I can often fit in extra work from new people.

If you need my help.

Things I DON’T DO:

  • Create free samples on request. There are a few samples in this site already and extras on my blog.
  • Give out Skype details or chat to somebody on Skype without knowing what you want first.
  • Give a quote without knowing exactly what you want. I quote per job, not per hour.

Information I need to know to be able to provide a quote for you.

One very obvious piece of information I would like to know is … your name. I belong to several forums and I sometimes get private messages from people who don’t mention their name. I believe in common courtesy and knowing your name is a good first step.

All writing jobs:

Regardless of what type of job it is, I need to know:

  • How many words per item. Don’t just ask for a 20 page book written as 1 page can have 200-500 words. Figures will be approx.
  • The topic (s).
  • Target audience.
  • Any deadline IF you have one.
  • How many articles, blog posts or whatever it is that you need. (I do offer discounts for bulk orders.)
  • Any other information you can provide.

All proofreading/editing jobs:

I need to know:

  • A deadline if you have it.
  • How many words in each item you want done (if more than one).
  • Do you want me to use track changes?
  • Which version of English should I use?

I require 100% payment upfront and I quote flat rates for all jobs.

Turnaround time will vary but I’ll confirm that with you when you inquire and tell me what you need done.

Because I do adhoc jobs in the order in which they’re paid for, that can affect your turnaround time because you may inquire today but not pay for a few days, weeks or even months.

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