No More Lock Downs

I live in regional Victoria, Australia, the land of records.
We hold the world record for the most days in lockdown (mind you, it’s not something we should be proud of).

However, now we’re turning it around and rapidly heading towards being one of the cities with the highest percentage of eligible people double vaccinated (today’s figure is over 86% of those who are eligible, and it’s slowly rising).

Children under the age of 12 can’t yet be vaccinated so they’re not counted in the eligible group. There are also lots of people with medical conditions that preclude them from getting vaccinated.

Then there are groups of people who have their own reasons for wanting to avoid “the jab.” I won’t comment on that except to say there will be lots of people without jobs and lots of employers with multiple vacancies.

This is where I come in. Unless you’re extremely lucky, you’ll still need a resume to help you get a job. If yours is current, that’s good news. However, if you need help with your resume and/or cover letter and perhaps the Key Selection Criteria, I can assist you. I have a wealth of experience over many years and, until the end of December, you’ll only pay $70, regardless of whether you need the resume and/or cover letter and/or the KSC.

Ask if you have questions and let me help you get a job as soon as possible.

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