No Jab No Job

Covid-19 has affected people in so many ways since it first reared its ugly head in November 2019 (nearly two years now) and the latest challenge occurring (mainly) in Victoria is related to vaccinations.

The “popular” saying … No Jab, No Job, will affect a large percentage of the working population. I refer to people who haven’t been double-vaxxed, have appointments lined up (and can prove it), or have a legitimate medical reason why they can’t have the jab. Those people may lose their jobs.

In the news recently, they were even sacking nursing staff and other front line personnel. While I usually prefer not to voice an opinion, this time I have no choice.

We have experienced times when ambulances are queued up in hospital driveways, unable to unload their patients due to insufficient staff and not enough beds.

Because ambulances can’t clear quickly, they can’t attend other urgent jobs. People who are dialling 000 have been known to wait up to 30 minutes just to talk to an operator. Now we have cases where people lose their lives waiting for ambulances or hospital beds … but let’s sack medical staff. Great idea! (Not!)

I actually have a good reason for posting this today. Due to the “No Jab, No Job” policy, it’s obvious that thousands of people are now (or soon will be) looking for new jobs. This is where I come in. I can help you with your resumes, cover letters and (if necessary), key selection criteria.

I usually charge $100-$200 to provide these services, depending on your needs. However, I’m offering a great deal until the end of the year where you won’t pay my usual fees. Instead, you’ll only pay $50 (unless your needs grow too complicated).

So, don’t hesitate. If you need to find work, you must have a good resume. Allow me to help you get an interview and, perhaps secure a job as a result. (I have helped people get new jobs before now).

Send me an email and let’s get the ball rolling.

Stay safe and well.


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