Interesting Observation

I wanted to share something I have noticed happening quite a lot recently. I speak to customers about doing work on their sites and writing articles and I always look at the existing website content and articles  to see what the quality is like.

I often see lots of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and I dutifully point them out and say they can easily be corrected. I am surprised when some people say they’re not interested in doing that. They just want more articles to get more traffic to their site. They don’t realise that getting traffic is one thing. If the material you use isn’t good quality, that makes them wonder if everything else you do will be the same poor quality as well. It means you may miss out on conversions.

People will stay on a site if it’s well written and that’s half the battle. If you’re dealing with writers who don’t speak and write good English, you’re only doing yourself a disservice. It’s much wiser to pay more and have better material so you can be confident when you send people to your site that they will stay there and possibly buy whatever you’re selling.

I would be interested in your feedback so please feel free to comment.


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