Health or Wealth? Which Do You Choose First?

Some people work 10 hours a week and others may work up to 70 hours a week. Motivation is different for everyone. Some have a full-time job. Others have a part-time job and study. Many people work from home and put in a lot of effort. This effort is sometimes rewarded with loads of money and other times it’s barely providing enough to pay the bills.

Do you look after your health or does that come second to your work, whatever that may be? It can be very easy to ignore symptoms until it’s too late and you find out you have a serious problem.

Something that is actually worse is having a relapse after more than three years of being considered “healthy.” This is the point of my post and I am sharing my own story. I am diabetic and up until Sept 2008 I was on high doses of 2 different insulins and 2 different tablets just for the diabetes. Then I had a sleeve gastrectomy and that enabled me to drop 30 kgs. I also went off all diabetes meds.

I have had some trouble coping with health issues in the last 12 months but didn’t attribute it to diabetes. However, when I had my regular averaged blood sugar test, I found it was 9 when it should be between 5-6 as a maximum. As a result, I am now back on oral tablets for diabetes and have to test my blood sugars at least 3 times a day.

This news came as a shock but it explains a number of health problems I have had without knowing why. I have also been working too hard, even though I am only able to work part-time my mind tends to never shut off.

Now I need to focus strictly on eating better, exercising as much as possible and try to drop some of the weight I have regained since the surgery. I was guilty of ignoring my health to a degree because I wanted to work and earn money to pay medical bills.

Yes, it’s a rather convoluted way of doing things but that is the way it has turned out. So I ask you, do you have medical symptoms or illness that you’re ignoring so you can focus on your work instead? If so, CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE TO YOUR HEALTH TODAY.

If you don’t, you may find yourself in serious medical trouble that you can’t fix. Don’t let wealth come before health. There’s always tomorrow to do that extra work!

Has anyone else experienced a similar circumstance and wish to share it here? I know I have had a lot of new signups so it would be valuable to share experiences.

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