Has Your World Turned Upside Down?

On 31st December, 2019, the World Health Organisation identified “a cluster of different pneumonia cases” in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. It was quickly named
COVID-19 coronavirus. At that stage, people had no idea it would spread so fast and appear in virtually every country on the planet in some form.

It’s incredible how much (and how fast) a virus can affect your daily routine. If your life hasn’t been touched by the coronavirus, count yourself extremely fortunate.

Lots of people have limited freedom to work, study, visit family and friends, or even go out of your home unless it’s for one of the few legally approved reasons and this can change from state to state and country to country small number of reasons.

While most people would love some paid time off, it could quickly become boring when you no longer have to set your alarm clock and you can have all your meals at home. No more stop-starting in heavy traffic, or jostling for a seat on a bus, train or tram, often with little success.

How well you get through these trying times will depend on such things as: your attitude, age, who else is locked in with you, your imagination, and how each person either influences or is influenced by others.

Here’s a brief list of things you can do as a family: play board games or online games; use Skype or similar programs to talk to friends and family, no matter where in the world they live and what their time-difference is. What about reading more books, watching more TV, listening to your favourite music, spending time in the garden and anything else you can dream up.

Nobody knows how long this pandemic will last, so make the decision to be positive, and enjoy a wide range of activities. Make the most of each precious day.

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