Happy New Year!!!

I would like to get in early and wish everybody a Happy New Year.

2018 will be a fantastic year in every way. For me, I have moved twice this year but this second move (only 3 weeks ago) has already saved me money and helped me relax. For the first time, I’m now living in Melbourne’s rural area in Australia. People are much more friendly here and I’ll certainly be doing a lot more work, for clients and myself in the New Year.

Like I have already done, I highly recommend that you write down all the goals you have for next year, whether they’re short, medium or long term goals so you’ll always be aiming for something. As you achieve one goal, add another to your ever-expanding list.

As you see in the New Year, wherever you are in the world, don’t overdo it. Be kind to people around you. Don’t leave a huge mess behind when you finish partying. If you’re alone, that’s ok too. Get your favourite foods and drinks and watch TV to see what people in the rest of the world are doing. Do whatever you enjoy. I wish you all a healthy, happy, safe and prosperous 2018 and may it see the fulfilment of at least some of your goals or at least bring you closer to the long term goals.



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