I started working as a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader in 2009.

In that time, I have handled a diverse range of projects. I have written:

Over 10000 articles and blog posts, plenty of website content, resumes, reviews, eBooks, physical books and much more.

I have covered countless topics and sub-topics including:

Health: diabetes, sleep, diet, exercise, weight loss, medications, etc.

Wealth: making money working for yourself and others, how and where to find work, ways to market yourself to appeal to employers, etc.

Technology: phones, computers, website building and design, etc.

Dogs: Different breeds and specific breeds, companionship, showing, pets, etc.

Lifestyles: Holidays, work-life balance, garage doors, children, relationships, etc.

COVID-19: the GOOD, the bad and the ugly.

… and a lot more.

I have edited/proofread plenty of eBooks, tangible books, websites, articles, blog posts and more. This frees up your time to focus on more pressing matters.

Now you have a few options. If you:

Know exactly what you want, or

Have more questions, or

Are unsure of what you want,

simply EMAIL me and we can discuss what you’re looking to achieve.

I reply to all genuine emails.



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