Easter 2021

Easter 2021 has a brighter outlook for people in many countries than the bleak vision that was the dreaded 2020 – the year that should have never been.

While there are still millions of people waiting to get their first COVID-19 vaccination, millions more are waiting for their second jab.
I had my first jab with zero side effects.
Lots of people on the front line have received both jabs with very few serious side effects.

It’s easy to believe how bad life is, but if that’s the way you think, you’ll only feel more depressed.

Instead, choose to think in a positive manner. Be grateful for everything you have.
I’m not talking about possessions.

Appreciate your family, whether they’re nearby or far away. Thanks to technology, you can still see and hear your loved ones through various video chat programs such as Facebook, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and so on, whenever you want!

You can keep in contact with friends, and make more friends you may never meet. Nevertheless, those friendships can still be strong.

If you managed to work from home during the last year, then technology helped, and understanding employers demonstrated their appreciation of what you contribute to the company.

If you lost your job but found a better one, that’s a positive that may never have happened. Perhaps you lost your job and decided to turn a hobby or interest into a thriving business. That’s also a wonderful thing to have happened.

As for me, my editing and writing business still thrives, mainly due to several regular clients. However, if you need help, whether it’s to do a resume, edit a book or article, or something else related to words, then simply CLICK HERE to learn more or contact me direct.

Only you can decide how to think and what to do! Don’t be a sheep. Take control of your life, and let 2021 be your best year ever!

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