Does Anybody Have a Crystal Ball?

In November 2019 in Wuhan China, when the first cases of “pneumonia” without a known cause appeared in a restaurant and market, nobody thought it would still exist today? The WHO was advised of the discovery in December and on the 7th January, 2020, it was diagnosed as a novel coronavirus and was temporarily named “2019-nCoV.” By March, more than 80 countries had reported this outbreak and the WHO officially labelled it a global pandemic.

Fast forward 21 months to today, July 2021 and everybody knows the startling effects of this pandemic have touched every  country, regardless of size and location. While I could go into more specifics, I’m sure everyone is aware of the horrendous statistics attached to COVID-19.

However, I want to talk about the positives that have happened due to lock downs, being forced to work from home, children being home-schooled, and so on.

Thanks to the internet, plenty of large corporations, small businesses and individuals have still been able to work, although radically changing their work methods. This is to accommodate social distancing, mask wearing, QR codes, quarantines and more.

Thanks to Zoom, Facebook, What’s App and other chat portals, people could conduct meetings “face-to-face” while physically being somewhere else. Governments have tried to keep their respective countries running, thanks to such programs, because they can’t always travel to meetings and often need to face quarantines themselves.

Now I’ll look at life from a new social point of view. Yes, lockdowns, restrictions and quarantines are physically keeping families apart but it doesn’t prevent them from keeping in touch via the same programs I just mentioned. Families can share emails and photos and use webcams to see a newborn grand-daughter, even if unable to hold her at the same time.

As for me, I’m a freelance editor/proofreader/writer. I work from home and deal with people all around the world, without ever meeting them. While my income may change, my methods for finding work don’t change.

Lots of people lost their jobs when businesses closed their doors. Many decided to turn a hobby into a new business. Others updated their resumes to prepare for job interviews when available. I can help update your resume and cover letter, and even give you a few interview tips.

If you have tried your hand at writing, I can proofread and edit your work so it’s ready to publish. Send me an email or message and let’s discuss how I can help put the shine back in your crystal ball for a brighter future.

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