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While browsing LinkedIn yesterday, I came across a post that made me stop and read it, not once… not twice… but three times! It was written by a friend of mine named Kat Gal. Now, Kat has a wealth of experience in numerous, highly credible niches, gained over many years.

Maybe you wonder why I’m happy to publish a post written by someone else who “appears” to be doing the same work I do? Well, on that point you would be wrong.
Kat and I each have our specific share of the market and are not in competition.
I also tend to spend more time editing these days.

So, read her excellent post and if you have questions for her, CLICK HERE.

If you have questions for me, CLICK HERE.


“Content writing is used to simply educate and inform.”

Just NO. ❌

This is the third time this past week that I heard a copywriter dissing content as “it’s only there to inform, nothing else,” (whereas copy is apparently special). ?

This is simply NOT true. ❌

? Content writing educates and informs (yes).
? Content writing offers value.
? Content writing creates trust.
? Content writing builds authority.
?Content writing creates loyalty.
? Content writing creates interest.
? Content writing builds a following.
? Content writing creates engagement.
? Content writing builds community.
? Content writing (when SEO optimised) helps Google ranking.
? Content writing puts ideas in your readers’ heads.
? Content writing leads readers to sales pages (those fancy copies!).

Content writing goes hand-in-hand with copywriting. Ultimately, they work for the same goal.

? Content is also written with a goal and purpose in mind.
? Content is also special, fun to write, and creative.
? Content is also an important part of the marketing game.

I’ve said this before. I will say it again. Content writers and copywriters: please, start embracing each other. Neither side is more special than the other. We are on the same team.”


Kat, thanks a lot for sharing this excellent description of why both are in a symbiotic relationship.

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