Challenge Yourself

Do you enjoy life or are you simply a bystander watching everything go by?

Is your life interesting? Do you challenge yourself to do better in certain areas of your life?

If you don’t constantly challenge yourself, you’ll find that your life will seem dull and boring. Whether it’s work, a hobby, exercise or weight loss, everyone needs challenges to make them feel alive.

I would like to know what challenges you set yourself for this year. I will share mine first.

I am growing my business so it thrives more than ever. I am going to eat healthier foods and lose weight I am also going to socialise more with friends. Although I have health issues, I refuse to let them stop me.

So…what are YOUR challenges for this year? Share them on my site or email me if you don’t feel comfortable sharing them with everyone else but I would really like to know. Perhaps we can support each other in some ways too?

The only person holding you back is YOU!

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