2020 – The Year That Was!


Can you believe it? 2020 is finally coming to an end... and what a unique year it has been for every person in every country in the world.

COVID-19 can accept full responsibility for all that has happened. 82.3 million people have been tested positive for the pandemic and approx. 1.8 million deaths have occurred as a result of this pandemic. Incredibly shocking!!!

2021 is fast approaching and, here in Australia, it’s less than 16 hours away. While the New Year arrives at different times, according to where you live, it will soon arrive.There were some positives in 2020. Communities grew stronger and a lot more people were willing to help others. Many became friendlier towards others around them and a simple “how are you?” was often asked, with no huge expectations.

Zoom, Skype and Facebook have helped people stay in touch with family and friends. Such programs have also let millions of people work from home, saving employers money while enabling staff to keep working instead of losing jobs.

Internet sales have skyrocketed because lots of stores closed or only had limited access. Companies selling products online made huge amounts of money.

Whether it’s working from home in call centres or doing other jobs from home may continue long after everybody has been vaccinated against this deadly virus.

Today’s life is much easier than 12 months ago, before the COVID-19 virus was a small story on the news about something small happening in China.

Moving forward into 2021 is a brand new year with its own challenges. Millions are still forced to wear masks, get tested if they have symptoms or have been in contact with someone with the virus. Many were expected to isolate themselves to avoid spreading it further. Millions more don’t need to wear masks.

Buzzwords such as: lockdown, isolation and testing had been used with alarming frequency and still are used today.

Tomorrow is 2021. The start of a New Year.
It’s time to make some new resolutions.
Keep in contact with family and friends, even if it’s via the phone or internet, text message or email. Let them know you care. Ask for help if you’re the one in need.
Offer to help others, in whatever way you can.
Help someone lift heavy bags of groceries and put them in the boot of their car.
Assist an elderly person across the road.
While you don’t benefit in an obvious way, you’ll feel good, if only for a moment.

2021 is going to be a good year for me. I’m setting new year’s resolutions and will try and help more people, even if it’s to do a resume, fix a computer, edit a book, write an article, or chat to more friends and family.

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