This is true regardless of your current or future goals. I have been a writer, editor and proofreader for more than 8 years so, if we work together, you can be confident in the work I’ll do for you.

Yes, I’m a ghostwriter, writer, editor and proofreader, but there’s much more to it than that. Writing isn’t just typing random words on a page. It takes planning to produce what you want, whether it’s new material for a website, writing a resume, editing eBooks, articles, blog posts or any other pieces of written work, (simple or more intricate), to ensure you receive what you want. It also relies heavily on honest, clear communications on both sides.

My fees are more than fair and are calculated based on your needs and how I can help you. Please don’t ask me to barter and work for you for peanuts. While I’m not greedy, I do expect to be paid for my time and expertise. However, I won’t give you a quote until I fully understand your expectations and it’s usually a flat rate quote so you know what you’re paying for before we even start.

I do expect a reasonable deadline. Please understand that if you have urgent work with a tight deadline, I’ll only agree to it if I can meet that deadline and, obviously, it will involve a higher fee.

I request a written explanation with sufficient information regarding what you want to accomplish. Some jobs may only require minimal explanation but others could involve long emails and Skype chats to clarify your requirements before we start. This is all necessary or you may end up with a bigger bill than is necessary.

Here are the main services I offer:

  • Ghostwriting and/or writing articles, blog posts, eBooks, reports, website content, resumes and many other word-related material.
  • Rewriting of all material previously mentioned and more.
  • Proofreading/editing websites, articles, eBooks, traditional books, posts, reports, resumes, white papers and anything else you need done.
  • If you have a need not listed, please ask.

Check out my Services page for a more comprehensive list of ways I can help solve your problems and achieve your goals.

If you know what you want, or have questions, check out my services page and then send me an email.

Regardless of whether you hire me or not, I wish you every success and please keep me in mind for future opportunities.

Thank you.



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