Words can MAKE or BREAK your SUCCESS!!!

This is true regardless of what you’re currently doing or what your future goals might be.

Read on to learn how I can help you achieve success.

If you have read this far, one fact is obvious…you need my help to ensure you achieve greater success in your business. Yes, I’m a writer, editor and proofreader, but there’s much more to it than that. Helping you achieve your goals takes more than words on a page. It takes planning and knowing what you want to achieve, whether it’s new material for a website, editing eBooks to ensure they’re polished before you publish them or anything else to do with words. It also relies heavily on great communications on both sides.

I never quote hourly rates because everybody’s needs are different. My fees are more than fair and are calculated based on your needs and how my expertise can assist you. So I won’t give you a quote until I fully understand your expectations. Here are the main services I offer (and if you have a need not listed, please ask):

Ghostwriting articles, blog posts, eBooks, reports, website content, resumes and many other needs.
Rewriting of all material previously mentioned.
Proofreading/editing websites, articles, eBooks, reports, resumes and anything else you need done.

There are several essential factors to consider when requesting my services.

You need to give me a fair deadline.
You must tell me exactly what you actually want done.
I only offer high quality work so if your budget can’t accommodate that, I’m not the right person for you.

I have a SPECIAL OFFER to help people who are wanting to work from home, whether you’re new to it or have been doing so for a while. It’s a special package full of information on various ways you can earn money while working from the comfort of your own home.

It’s an absolute goldmine of information and includes the following:

A book I have written about how to work for yourself as a freelancer.
An excel spreadsheet containing 100 sites that either offer job possibilities or useful sites to help you.
There are also 8 more related books to help boost your business. Email me if you’re interested.

I could give you plenty of reasons why you need my help but I’ll just ask two questions and then you can decide.

Are you serious about your business?

Are you prepared to pay good money to achieve your goals?

If the answer is “no” to either or both questions, then I can’t help you.

If you know what you want, or have questions, simply check out my services page and send me an email.

Regardless of whether you hire me or not, I wish you every success in your business and hope that 2017 is a great year for you in every possible way.

Thank you.



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